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ManyCam 2.0.3aManyCam 2.0.3aManyCam 2.0.3aManyCam 2.0.3aManyCam 2.0.3aManyCam 2.0.3a

ManyCam is software that acts as an intermediary between a smartphone camera and any application that the user connects to. This can be a Skype video call, Twitch Livestream, Facebook Live and more. Features of ManyCam - Live Streaming Video ManyCam can be used to "stitch" multiple video sources simultaneously (picture-in-picture), color buttons (green screen, etc.) adding text and all sorts of effects to the user's video. ManyCam allows you to use the webcam in several chat applications simultaneously, such as Skype, MSN and Youtube. The main function of the software is entertainment: the utility is used for video chatting with friends or broadcasting meetings, webinars, etc. Working with the program The interface of ManyCam is intuitive and easy to use. The utility is compatible with popular programs like Skype, YouTube, Camfrog, Yahoo Messenger and many others. At the same time, the user can add sound effects to the program - to change, for example, his voice during a conversation with friends and family. When working with the program, you can select up to six video sources at the same time. In addition to audio effects, you can use several video effects - different filters, smileys, facial accessories and much more. ManyCam has 4 main tabs - Video, Effects, Gallery and Connectivity. Offering the user the ability to control all video sources and controls in one tab and the actual screen effects in another, the gallery showcases any locally recorded content. This tab easily syncs the applications in which the user wishes to use ManyCam. Features Multiple video sources (support for multiple webcams / video sources); Desktop screen sharing; Picture-in-picture image; Unusual graphics and effects; Playlist (pre-loaded audio or video content). Pros of Ability to change your voice; Ability to use various audio and video effects; Ease of use with the camera; Easy access and clear interface: Disadvantages Some effects are too simple and seem outdated.

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