Minecraft - Story Mode 1.33

Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic, story-driven version of the legendary Minecraft toy for Android. Unlike the usual Minecraft, in Story Mode players do not have to constantly worry about their own provision of food, building buildings, raising animals and engage in other typical activities for the world of Minecraft. Story Mode is all about the story component. Managing the selected character, the player will need to perform special story assignments that will revive the Order of the Stone, stop a dozen apocalypses, to shed light on the world order, to win all possible competitions and even meet with the Ancient Builder. And each of the characters represented in the game has its own unique characteristics, which makes the cooperative passing especially interesting. Minecraft: Story Mode gameplay View the introductory backstory story before each season to better understand what's happening; Choose a character to play as your hero for an entire season; Team up with friends and play through episodes together; Use the unique features of your character to help other characters cope with impossible for them tasks; Complete the main quests in order to pass the game, and additional tasks for special bonuses; Revive the Order of the Stone and don't let any of the Apocalypses happen; Win all contests to win valuable prizes; Complete all the quests of each episode, for a complete playthrough. Features Detailed story component; The ability to play as any of the presented characters, each with unique abilities; Few, but significant differences in the story, while passing for each hero; Availability of a cooperative passing mode; A lot of trademark humor from the developers; Abundance of iconic heroes and villains, such as Exhausting Drought, The Great Builder, Herobin, etc. Several hundred minor characters with their own personalities; Relatively low iron load. Cons The cooperative game consumes a lot of traffic; In cooperative mode, all characters see the peculiarities of the passage of the character played by the host server creator; High digital weight of the application; The gameplay is not saved if episodes are inconsistently downloaded; Part of the content is paid.

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