1.2.9 1.2.9 logo 1.2.9 is a symbiosis of farming simulator and arcade game for Android. Players will have to ennoble their property, capture "neutral" farm buildings, and destroy opponents and their farms. Upgrade captured "neutral" farm buildings to gain special skills and bonuses that give a variety of advantages over other players in the area of such buildings. gameplay Choose from a list of characters you like; Learn the available skills for your character and start mastering them; Extract any resources you find to unlock building opportunities; Hunt animals in the forest for food; Upgrade your farmsteads and fend off your opponents; Develop existing skills and build buildings to master new ones; Capture "common" farm buildings and gain unique bonuses that give you advantages over enemies in your area; Fight your opponents to gain more experience, gather resources from them, and gain glory; Upgrade captured "neutral" farm buildings to increase the power of bonuses gained; Dominate the surrounding lands, take first place in the rankings and become famous as a consummate warrior and farmer. Game Features Does not require "iron"; Option to create clans; Highly dynamic battles - capture of a "neutral" farm building Pleasant sound accompaniment; The ability to create your own worlds; Cons When leaving the clan game progress is lost; No single player; It consumes a lot of traffic.

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