1.0.2 is a multiplayer role-playing IO game for Android. In the game, you can quietly harvest fruit, collect rocks, cut down trees or mine gold. But because the game is multiplayer and the game map has its limits, at a certain point there comes a situation where there are more players than available resources and the action ceases to be peaceful - the battle for territory and resources begins. Initially the character has only a simple axe and the ability to chop everything around him. There are abilities for defense and healing, buttons at the bottom of the screen. There are four types of resources in the game: fruit apples; wood; stones; gold. Apples restore health, and by chopping wood and gathering stones you can build protective fortifications, fences, and traps. For the collected gold you can buy guises. The character has his age, which increases with experience. Experience is gained for collecting resources and for killing players. The experience bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen. As your age increases, icons for available character upgrades appear at the top of the screen. Also displayed on the screen are: leaders on the map; buttons to enter chat, select the appearance of the hero and a list of dead players; the number of resources collected; the number of players killed; minicard. The graphics in the game are two-dimensional and very exaggerated. Simple colors are used for drawing, without any gradients, highlights and shadows. Initially the character looks like a circle, but you can equip the appearance of various wild and domestic animals. Trees and ore are drawn as colored polygons, the landscape is also multicolored, the meadows are filled with green, the sand looks yellow, and the river is completely blue. Before you start the game, you need to enter the game nickname, choose an available server, decide on the type and color of your character, and click on the login button. Features character development; building defensive structures; collection of resources; battles for possession of the territory. Features play alone and in teams; game chat; change the appearance of the character; choice of game server; a dedicated voice channel Discord. Disadvantages Lack of translation into Russian.

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