11.0.3 for Android - a virtual platform for creatives. Allows you to communicate, make useful creative acquaintances, explore the creativity of other creative people. Equipped with a powerful toolkit for recording and processing video clips, songs, creating and displaying fashion picks from bows (clothing), keeping user vlogs. Allows you to quickly evaluate the creativity of other users and export the fruits of their own activities to popular media services. Features for Android Allows you to create your own virtual creative studios; Categorizes, filters, and displays to the user a list of already existing virtual creative studios according to the specified parameters; Reads audio and video streams, converts them, and places them on a special storyboard for editing; Imports and overlays third-party media files - images, video clips, music, and more; Automatically filters video color channels according to specified parameters; Embeds all kinds of frames and stickers into videos and adds special effects; Allows you to crop, accelerate, cut, scale, compress and in other ways to influence the video image; Interacts with audio channels to get the best sounding music and voice; Exports the resulting output to selected social and media platforms; Analyzes the user's interests and creative activities, creating relevant tips, reports and feeds based on the analysis; Sorts existing content by hashtags. Platform Features Powerful creative community of creative people around the world; Own Russian-speaking creative community; The opportunity to receive free unbiased assessment of their creative work; Abundance of powerful integrated tools for creating and editing audio and video content; Highly intelligent algorithms to filter out spam from feed content; Many useful tips of technical, organizational and creative orientation; Constant innovations based on user requests; Mutual integration with many popular media platforms. Cons The lion's share of content and users are English-speaking; Negative "popular vote" results can negatively impact creative motivation.

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