My Talking Hank

My Talking Hank is a tamagotchi game for Android, the essence of which is to take care of the little dog whose name is Hank. Talk to him - he will repeat it after you. Play with the pet in your cell phone and he will show unprecedented, even for real pets joy. Features My Talking Hank Taking care of the cute puppy Hank is very interesting. He needs to be fed regularly, sent to the toilet, rocked in a hammock so he can sleep peacefully under the stars. Spending leisure time with his new pet on the phone is also fun: his hobby is taking pictures of different animals. Hank wants to collect everyone from a small rabbit to a colorful flamingo in his collection. In this you can help him. Hank never just sits in one place. He's always doing hilarious things: trying to get attention, fooling around in the bathroom and speaking in a funny voice. Funny and moments with photographing animals: they can be afraid of Hank, so you need to find an approach to each of them in the form of toys or other bait. Game Features Hank lives in an island house in Hawaii; well-designed three-dimensional graphics; the opportunity to become the owner of a virtual cute puppy; an album of wild animals.

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