Ocean Is Home - Survival Island

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island - a game for Android, which is a three-dimensional first-person action in the genre of servival simulator with RPG-elements, carrying over to the isolated from civilization, a picturesque island archipelago. In the vast open world you will not be bored. Fight for the right to live in the wilderness: hunt and fish, engage in crafting tools and weapons, pump up skills and build your own unique home. Use complete freedom of action to effectively survive, evolve, and travel. A large number of islands teeming with all kinds of resources, plenty of loot, and lurking dangers to explore. Each new island opens up new opportunities, new challenges and mysteries. Can you stay alive in this godforsaken place? Will you be able to uncover it? Will the endless expanses of ocean become your home? A private island You can own an entire island. There's plenty of room to build and develop a residence in order to gain access to new technologies and trade, as well as to prepare for raids to other islands and other travels. But don't forget that the island needs to be protected. Expanding Possessions in Servivel Simulator While walking within the archipelago it is easy to find a variety of resources, loot, knowledge and more. But getting to new islands in order to discover them can be far from easy. Game features The presence of secrets and mysteries (the island hides many interesting things, for example, you can stumble upon a zombie-trapped abandoned bunker, a life raft, treasure, or get into a deadly trap); The path from survival to prosperity (after defeating thirst and hunger there is a chance to go far ahead in development: surround yourself with your own handmade tools and weapons, dress up, become a farmer and cattle breeder, even build a semblance of factories); Ability to build your own unique house using materials with different properties (then you can arrange furniture in the house, hang pictures); The development of the game character skills and abilities not only speeds up and increases the efficiency of routine operations, but also makes available special perks that open up additional opportunities; Several types of transport are available for use (including improvements and repairs) (by the way, boats and cars can be used to carry cargo, not just for rides).

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