3.7.7 3.7.7 logo 3.7.7 is a strategy game from the arcade genre for Android from the studio Voodoo. The gameplay is to capture as much space as possible on the game map. For the final victory it is necessary to occupy all the territories, including those on which the opponents are placed. Each mistake made by the player in the course of this "chess game" has serious consequences. Gameplay The application focuses on the development of logic and attentiveness. Victory is possible only with the reliable protection of the player's own weak point - the tail. If the enemy gets close to it, the game is over. After losing, you can instantly reconnect, return to the game and continue from the starting point on the location. The gameplay is highly dynamic, which, combined with the simplicity of the application and its pleasant graphic design, makes Paper one of the brightest representatives of classic IO games.

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