Pepi House 1.0.98

Pepi House is a fascinating game for Android for preschool children. The game is a simulation of a dollhouse. The app allows you to develop your child's horizons in a playful way. Spend time with your child together with "Pepi House"! Pepi House features. The game contains 10 characters, including funny pets; The house has 4 floors. The lower floor contains the garage, the other floors contain rooms, a bathroom and the kitchen. The developers did not forget about the huge veranda and the green area around the house. Use the elevator to move between floors; you can use hundreds of different items in the game. Some items can be connected together and get an unexpected result. You can repair the car, do laundry, clean, make sandwiches for grandma and grandpa. Many actions are available, which we do every day in real life. The advantages of the game Allows the child to get acquainted with household chores. The game introduces your baby to different household items that you can experiment with; If you play with a child together, you can come up with your own rules and routines in order to apply these rules in real life. Disadvantages Donation is required to unlock the floors.

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