Pirate's Treasures

Treasure of the Pirates is one of the most enjoyable games among fans of the logical genre from the field of "three in a row". Actually, the game offers to go from a young corsair to an experienced conqueror of the seas and oceans, and all the creatures that live in it - the pirate, who are not afraid of any sea monsters, or any other obstacles on the way to the top. The thorny path to the treasure. In order to achieve your goal, you have to overcome a lot of difficulties, which will allow you to find maps with specified treasure locations on them - kilograms of gold and ancient artifacts, for which you can get a lot of money and provide for the rest of your life. Looking at the game in more detail, it consists of many episodes, which please with their variety in the form of additional obstacles on the way to obtain treasure maps. Each episode ends with the player receiving a pirate treasure, which helps them move on to the next round. Intelligence as the key to defeating the toughest opponents. Despite the fact that "Three in a Row" is already quite a hackneyed genre of mini-games, Treasure of the Pirates, are different in that they give each player to rely not only on fortune, but also on their own logical thinking and intelligence. It is these elements will help to overcome any enemies and any obstacles, which are in excess. Thus, the player will have to overcome: the ice element (repeatedly freezing the elements for permutations); crabs (hold the tentacles of the element for permutations); spiders (they weave a spider's web in the playing area) octopuses (they occupy with their tentacles almost the whole playing area); Many other obstacles. With friends more fun! In each round player receives game points that can be used to obtain all sorts of bonuses that will help achieve the desired result in the most difficult situations. In addition, the number of points indicates the skills and abilities of the player, which once again can be bragged about in front of friends.

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