Pixel Gun 3D 20.0.1

Pixel Gun 3D - multiplayer action game in the style of Minecraft for Android. The user's task is to create a unique character, using the skin editor and play them in any of 4 exciting modes: Multiplayer - online battles with players from around the world; campaign - a storyline in which the user will have to find the cause of the zombie apocalypse; survival - withstand zombie attacks and get rewards; sandbox - calm game mode, where you can take a break from shooting and have fun in colorful locations. Pixel Gun 3D Features The player has an arsenal of more than 100 weapons: knives, pistols, machine guns, machine guns and many others. Each weapon has a unique, colorful appearance that makes the gameplay brighter and more spectacular. All the battles take place on more than 35 game maps. You can add friends in the application and play together with them on the same map. Any user can create a clan and compete with other teams in pursuit of prizes and a place in the ranking table. Features high quality pixel graphics; easy control; interesting gameplay; - huge selection of maps and weapons.

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