Planner 5D 1.25.2

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Planner 5D 1.25.2Planner 5D 1.25.2Planner 5D 1.25.2Planner 5D 1.25.2Planner 5D 1.25.2Planner 5D 1.25.2Planner 5D 1.25.2Planner 5D 1.25.2

Planner 5D is an application for the Android platform, with which you can quickly create room plans, even without special skills. With the program you can make a plan of the building, including floor plans, plan the location of furniture and decoration of rooms or landscape design of the site. Planner 5D features The application is designed for the mass user, rather than engineers or designers, so it has a very simple interface and does not require knowledge of a huge number of building rules and regulations. Working with the program is like a fun game: all you have to do is to specify the room dimensions and place furniture and decor elements in it. For clarity, Planner 5D knows how to convert a flat plan into a colorful isometric image. Program features: A huge catalog of furniture that is regularly updated; Different colors and textures of room finishes; The ability to both create a project from scratch and edit an existing one; Creation of rooms and areas of any shape; Undo and redo buttons to make the planning process easier; Full 3D visualization of objects with scrolling; Some elements in the catalogs are available for a fee.

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