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Power Battery is an Android app that offers minimal battery consumption in high performance environments. Customise your battery saving mode to suit the operating conditions of your device. Get instant access to accurate battery status and remaining battery life at all times. Distribute power consumption across all installed applications. Power Battery features Reminder system to remind you of high power consumption by certain apps; clearing the system memory of unused files for a long time; increasing the battery life of the device; built-in memory optimizer that can provide detailed information about the thoroughness and time of cleaning; several power-saving modes; ability to view information about the hardware (CPU status, temperature, voltage) and software of the device. Application benefits cleaning the device on a schedule; switching between power saving modes depending on the load on the processor; protection against excessive use of battery power during charging; the ability to send battery status reports via social media; no paid content and no premium version Disadvantages battery time does not respond to charger power and shows accurate data only when connected to the native power supply presence of ads; Difficulty when disconnecting the alarm clock due to the display being blocked by a window from the app.

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