Qubism 3D modeling 0.9.6

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Qubism 3D modeling 0.9.6Qubism 3D modeling 0.9.6Qubism 3D modeling 0.9.6Qubism 3D modeling 0.9.6Qubism 3D modeling 0.9.6Qubism 3D modeling 0.9.6

Qubism 3D modeling is an Android application designed for 3D modeling objects with a small number of polygons. Use different types of blocks to create models of real objects. Focus the camera on the desired block and view adjacent cubes in 3 dimensions around it. Resize the desired sides of cubes in relation to adjacent polygons. Features of Qubism 3D modeling ability to freely move the camera within the object being created with the multitouch the ability to edit colours and divide the finished cubes into multiple parts; support of undoing changes made by double-clicking the screen while the operation is in progress; Use of various geometric shapes as cubes to be created. Advantages of the application An advanced tooltip system that shows all of the application's functions in great detail; the absence of any advertising inserts and paid content; the ability to export and save completed projects as models or images in various formats; auto-saving of projects in the process of creation without any significant performance degradation. Disadvantages Lack of ability to simultaneously rotate selected objects in two dimensions; infrequent problems with missing textures on frequently edited objects.

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