Radio Russia 1.9.8

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Radio Russia 1.9.8Radio Russia 1.9.8Radio Russia 1.9.8Radio Russia 1.9.8Radio Russia 1.9.8Radio Russia 1.9.8

Radio Russia for Android - a virtual aggregator of Russian radio stations. Able to scan virtual broadcasts of on-air radio stations transmitted to the network and play them. Can search for playing songs, "navigate" through the public playlist of an on-air program, "remember" played music and much more. Player functionality. Scans, syncs with your user's device and plays the airwaves of domestic radio stations; Moves (on demand) between virtual "radio channels"; Navigates (optionally) through the playlist of a playing radio station if it is in the public domain; Automatically finds (on demand) playable tracks in the song media library; Records playable airplay to user device (optional). Advantages of Huge database consisting of the majority of radio stations, existing in Russia and on post-Soviet territory; Ability to instantly find a favorite track; Ability to record and listen to the broadcast in advance; Fast speed of work; The sound stream is not distorted by compression. Minuses Uses a lot of traffic; Most radio stations do not have a public playlist to play songs "ahead of time".

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