ReadEra 20.12.17

ReadEra is an application for reading and viewing documents and books on Android devices. The program works with a large number of formats and has a number of useful features, has a nice design and a large set of settings. Features of ReadEra The developer offers users a fast and convenient application with the ability to customize it. The reader can open files in MOBI, DJVU, RTF, FB2, EPUB, MOBI, DOC, PDF, CHM and TXT formats. Built-in automatic search will be able to find all the books on your smartphone or at a particular specified address. Found files are not transferred to the reader's storage, which helps to identify similar books or documents. Settings for reading sufficiently flexible and varied, there are their own built-in fonts and four color schemes. The reader itself adapts to the size of the screen and has a landscape or single-page sheet mode, allows you to group documents by series, author, title, type, and date of change. You can see which books have already been read, which are marked as "Want to read" and the ability to add them to your favorites. Reader will automatically remember the page where you stopped reading if you close the program. You can open files directly from ZIP-archives and view them at the request of third-party programs. Among other readers for smartphones is absolutely free and no ads in this application. The developers are actively engaged in the reader and add new features and improvements. The design and interface of the program is balanced and pleasant, without unnecessary details. Unfortunately, there is no way to integrate library services and each book must be entered independently on the smartphone. Advantages of Fast and convenient app for reading; Support for all modern book formats; Flexible and diverse settings; Automatic search; Absolutely free and no ads; Close attention of the developers to the reader. Disadvantages Lack of libraries and the inability to add them; No synchronization of data between devices.

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