Red Ball 4 1.3.21

Red Ball 4 is an exciting ball adventure game for Android. The character of the game - a good smiling round ball, living on a green glade, among the same other round balls. One day, he met an evil square and was afraid that somewhere out of the good balls make evil squares. He decides to stop it, otherwise soon all the balls will be turned into squares, and even make the planet a square. Challenge: Help the ball to cope with all the difficulties, overcome obstacles, to get past the danger and deal with the villains. Game locations green hills; deep forest; factory; the battle for the moon; stone cave. Each map has about 15 points. Overcome them all, destroying squares and collecting star bonuses along the way. The character is not immortal and can drown in the water or die in battle with the squares. The number of lives is limited, the available attempts are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. In addition to lives, the screen displays the number of crowns collected. There are 8 different balls to choose from. Controls are simple: the character can bounce and roll forward or backward. Graphics are two-dimensional, cartoonish. Passage of locations and actions of the character are accompanied by sound effects. Red Ball 4 features completing locations; destruction of the squares; moving objects; pause the game. Features character store; setting the parameters of the application; game reset; cloud saves; game record posts on Twitter and Facebook.

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