Root Manager 4.1.0

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Root Manager 4.1.0Root Manager 4.1.0Root Manager 4.1.0Root Manager 4.1.0Root Manager 4.1.0Root Manager 4.1.0Root Manager 4.1.0

Root Manager is an Android application that provides advanced capabilities for navigating between files and folders on your device. Access previously hidden folders located in the root of the file system. Create files with the most common shapes in any directory on your device. Create shortcuts to get quick access to needed files or folders in one place. Root Manager features Providing detailed information about selected files or folders (MD5, modification time) Encrypting selected files with passwords and keys of different complexity levels; The need for the ROOT-user rights to access all the features of the application; open access to the system files with the ability to edit information about the device, delete unnecessary embedded applications and create backup files with important information; the possibility of archiving files in the rar or zip format. Application advantages Ability to close access to the necessary files for other applications; no paid subscriptions and premium versions of the app; change information about files using the appropriate tab in the application menu; sorting all the files on your device according to format and frequency of use. Disadvantages crashes when trying to use ROOT rights on devices with the latest versions of the operating system; Obtrusive adware content; Lack of ability to work with groups of files and folders.

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