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Samsung Health is an application for Android that helps keep your body in good physical shape. The program records and analyzes your daily actions and habits, helps you maintain a diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Functionality of Samsung Health if you walk or run, go hiking or biking, play indoors or outdoors, you can track different physical activities using the built-in trackers; helps you maintain a balanced lifestyle by recording a variety of information about your food, water and caffeine intake; allows you to monitor vital parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, stress, and weight using built-in sensors and third-party devices; Built-in trackers allow the user to easily and quickly check meaningful data based on user settings. Intuitive charts, helpful tips and exercise programs help you achieve your fitness and diet goals; the app supports all Samsung smartphones from Galaxy S3 and younger. There is support for the app for Android devices from other manufacturers; there is an opportunity to compete with friends and check your rating. This functionality is available in the address bar after registering a Samsung account; the newsfeed contains daily news about healthy lifestyle, which can be customized based on your preferences. Stay strong and healthy with tips from health professionals; Supports more than 70 languages.

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