SB Game Hacker 3.1

SB Game Hacker is a powerful game hacker for Android devices. Allows you to change the values stored in the game files, which are responsible for the number of certain in-game items, for example - add 5000 gold for completing the task, instead of 50. The application has a built-in HEX editor for fine-tuning the executive code of the game, as well as its simplified version with a GUI interface, which does not require the user to understand the principles of HEX-code - operating exclusively with numerical values or element names directly from the game. SB Game Hacker functionality Reads the list of execution processes loaded to RAM - identifies processes in games that can be hacked; Reassigns control of the selected process from the system to the user; Finds the specified values in the blocks of the captured game's execution process; Outputs the blocks with the found values to the interface; Overwrites the data in the blocks specified by the user; Saves the result in the exe process of the game. Features of the cracker Ability to get premium game items without donation; Comparatively low chance of getting "trash blocks" in search results; Two variants of interface - for fine-tuning HEX-code and for those who are not good at working with hexadecimal data; Saving changes directly into the executive process of the game. Cons Relatively low chance of breaking into an online game; Virtually guaranteed ban if the online game is successfully hacked.

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