SDF 3D 4.0.1

hSDF 3D is an Android app for creative 3D modeling of objects of all kinds. Use the multi-touch capabilities of your device for the best possible modeling experience on a small screen. Save your finished models in STL format and use them to print on most 3D printers. Color objects the way you want from the program's extensive palette. SDF 3D Features Mirror mode support for modeling; the ability to use the program window in both landscape and vertical screen modes; splitting and joining selected polygons with the appropriate function; copying and adding third-party models to active projects; Displaying ready projects as a gallery with icons of modeled objects. Application advantages absence of advertising content and annoying popup notifications; support for symmetric modeling of objects together with basic polygons; ability to instantly select a certain side of the object being modeled; the ability to stretch the working window to the entire screen of the device and to access the notification panel. Disadvantages availability of high-priced paid content; the lack of guides and tips on the main functions of the application.

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