Sea Battle 1.2.7

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Sea Battle 1.2.7Sea Battle 1.2.7Sea Battle 1.2.7Sea Battle 1.2.7Sea Battle 1.2.7Sea Battle 1.2.7Sea Battle 1.2.7Sea Battle 1.2.7Sea Battle 1.2.7

Sea Battle (Sea Battle) - is an analogue of the well-known to everyone of the game from childhood for Android devices. Distinctive qualities of mobile sea battle from the classic, played on paper, is the presence of additional opportunities to attack the enemy. The game is designed in the classic for the application of similar themes paper style. Supports two-player game against a friend via Bluetooth and competition with a random player from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet connection. Sea Battle features The game is not limited to the classic set of ships: bomber planes, mines, anti-aircraft radar bombs and more have been added to the gameplay of the beloved Sea Battle. Behind all these innovations is a favorite and exciting gameplay: you have to arrange your ships as cleverly as possible and find the enemy's ships faster than he your. The aforementioned equipment allows you to deliver airstrikes on your opponent's ships and plant mines on his field. Radars will help track enemy planes, and anti-aircraft bombs will help defuse them. Game features three opponents to choose from: a bot of different difficulty, a comrade or a player from anywhere in the world; a choice between classic and advanced versions of the game (the first does not include additional equipment); the purchase of additional equipment for points earned in battles; playing on one phone with turn-based moves; world leaderboard. Advantages creative graphic design; regular support; fast opponent detection.

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