Shadow Fight 2.8.0

The immortal "shadow" sequel. Shadow Fight 2 or Shadow Fight 2 is a sequel to the world-famous and popular game that has over 40 million installations from users around the world. In the game, the developers have more than successfully managed to find points of convergence between such popular genres as RPG and fighting game, which eventually ensured the teeth-grinding effect and won the hearts of players all over the planet. The best warrior is a fighter with the best weapons and great skills! The main distinguishing feature of Shadow Fight 2 is the fact that the player not only has to fight in the best traditions of the fighting game genre, but also to dress his character, give him the best armor in the form of battle armor, helmet, gloves, boots, and weapons, which can often become a deciding factor in the battle. In addition, each battle allows the player to gain combat experience, which further allows to improve the combat parameters of the character - dexterity, power of impact, intelligence. Besides, combat skills of the hero are also subject to improvement, and they show up in the form of new blows and techniques during the fight. Shadowfighting is a dance with a price on your life. Shadow Fight 2 is an opportunity to fight in an epic dance with deadly weapons against multiple opponents, who are the souls of warriors from the past, or in other words, simply demons. Ruled by these half-dead creatures bosses, with which the player will also have more than one hard fight. The main goal of the game is to close the gates of shadows, so that the evil demons can no longer set foot in the peaceful territory of people. Advantages of Shadowfighting 2 Dynamic duels with extremely realistic animation through the use of unique technologies by the developers; accessible and simple control, which contributes to the game on touch screens; unique weapons - claws, nunchakus, chains and more reliable equipment - armor, helmets, protective amulets, etc; 6 unique provinces with amazing animation effects.

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