SHAREit 5.8.29

SHAREit for Android is a program for fast transfer of any files and programs from your mobile devices. SHAREit functionality By installing the program on your Android tablet or smartphone, the user can share the files they have with their friends. Without using USB or Bluetooth, with just a Wi-Fi connection, SHAREit easily transfers documents, music, videos, pictures, messages and even movies from one device to another. The duration of the process only depends on the weight of the file being transferred - the transfer lasts from a few seconds to 5-10 minutes (for example, when a video weighs several hundred MB) and the speed of the connection. Working with the application After opening the program the user finds two buttons in the window which are the basic functions of SHAREit: "Send" and "Receive". By selecting the first option, it is possible to transfer files as well as existing programs on the smartphone to a device with the same app installed. The second function, respectively, is responsible for receiving information. SHAREit finds the recipient itself and starts the data transfer, which can be monitored in real time. Benefits of SHAREit works up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth; The program transmits all file formats; USB cords are not required when using the application; Using SHAREit, the user can share multiple files simultaneously; Disadvantages To transfer the second and subsequent files, the user must reopen the connection - this takes some time; The application takes up a lot of memory; Files can only be transferred to devices with SHAREit installed.

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