Smart Driver Anti-Radar

Smart Driver Anti-Radar - a useful Android application for drivers that combines the functions of video recorder and traffic police camera radar. Warns about traffic police cameras, traffic police posts and allows you to avoid violations of traffic rules. Features of Smart Driver Anti-Radar Using GPS data, the application determines the location of cameras with great accuracy and during the approach to them notifies the user with a voice message, and the monitor screen shows the speed meters of the car and the distance to the object. Anti-Radar can distinguish between different types of cameras: those controlling only the speed; Responsible for driving through a red light; those measuring average speed, etc. In addition to cameras, the user will know the location of checkpoints and road police ambushes. The application does not require a permanent connection to the Internet, but from time to time it is necessary to update the database to know about the recently installed cameras. With the application, the phone can be used as a video recorder. Video is recorded cyclically and the user chooses the quality and storage location of the file. The free version has a limit on the size of the recorded file - up to 512 MB. Advantages of Video recorder and camera radar in one application; Detects the type of traffic police cameras; works offline. Disadvantages Many of the features are only available when you buy a premium account.

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