Smeshariki. Krosh 1.1.0

Smeshariki. Krosh is an excellent adventure game for Android, which will appeal to all fans of "Smeshariki". The player will have to be in the role of a restless rabbit named Krosh and participate in exciting games of reaction, attention and logic. Features Smeshariki. Krosh The toy has nice and colorful graphics, rich animation, each element of the game is perfectly designed. There are 24 levels, each in its own interesting and unique. The storyline is not the same, the player will perform a variety of missions. For example, in one mission you have to learn how to ride a skateboard, and in the next - to dance. The music is cool and not disgusting. The game is based on the cartoon of the same name, so the fans of "Smeshariki" will enjoy it. Game Advantages A fascinating and addictive storyline; There is an opportunity to get acquainted and talk to the main character - rabbit Krosha; Management is simple, in just a couple of minutes you can figure it out; The characters in the game are the same as in the cartoon; The interface is clear and unobtrusive.

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