1.10.08 1.10.08 logo 1.10.08 is an Android game made in the type of standard "snake". The game starts when the worm is still very small. You need to move around the playing field and eat food, gradually increasing the length of your body. At the same time as your worm in the game there are other worms that also eat and grow rapidly. Try to survive as long as possible. Game Functions you can control it with mobile joystick; it is possible to play offline; scoring based on the worm's length. Game results are saved; the worm grows very fast so that the game is not boring; increase the movement speed with one button. Disadvantages the mobile joystick for control is located on the left side, which is not entirely convenient for right-handed players; there is no way to pause the game; the presence of advertising; no opportunity to choose the colour of the worm.

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