Special Forces Group 2 4.2

Special Forces Group 2 is a multiplayer first-person shooter for Android with a class-based character grading system. Players will just have to fight as one of the sides - "Terrorists" or "Special Forces" - performing one of five targeted tasks: "Eliminate Enemy Team Members," "Score the Most Frags for Time," "Capture the Flag," "Bomb Setting/Dismantling," and "Zombie Cleansing/Infestation." Special Forces Group 2 Gameplay Join an imposing team; Choose your character's warrior class; Customize the appearance of the fighter; Equip primary and secondary weapons, ammo, body armor, grenades, and accessories; Color weapons and equipment in your favorite camouflage; Engage in combat, destroy enemies, and complete the main objective of your chosen game mode. Shooter Features New battle concepts based on the classic "Kontra"; Decent level of visuals; 5 Battle modes and dozens of game locations; Easy controls; Powerful toolkit for customizing the appearance of characters and equipment; Realistic gunshot sounds; 110 different weapon camouflages; 44 different types of firearms (6 types), 3 types of throwing weapons, and 5 types of bladed weapons; 3 types of individual armor protection equipment; Excellent Russian localization. Minuses No bots and single player; Requires Internet; Highly consumes traffic; Advertising integration.

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