Standoff 2 0.14.2

Standoff 2 is a mobile shooter that allows you to fight with virtual enemies. Despite the fact that such games are losing their popularity, the application continues to download and spend a lot of time. Functionality Standoff 2. Virtual battles have three modes: classic (team vs. team) deathmatch, dying a character is instantly revived; setting explosives (one team sets, the second impedes/disarms); arms race (for the killings increase the level, improving weapons). In the game you have to choose a team, and then land on the map. You can use different types of weapons, which should be changed depending on the distance and the map. Application Features For the normal functioning of the game requires internet. The game does not always work even on 3G. It is best to use Wi-Fi or 4G. In addition to team battles, there is an opportunity to undergo single tasks, pumping your skill. In the game office you can view personal statistics, as well as statistics of battles. You can create your own map and invite your friends to it. Purchases for real money do not pump your character or weapon. The only thing they are needed for - skins. They do not give anything in battle, but allow you to make weapons more attractive. Advantages A large number of control settings for greater convenience; no need for donations - all weapons are provided at once; the ability to use cheats; interface as in the "big" shooters. Disadvantages no way to play offline or on a bad connection; a large number of cheaters.

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