4.8.2 4.8.2 logo 4.8.2 is another variation of the symbiosis of Tetris snake and board student "dots" for Android. "Capturing" the dot in the traditional manner for similar games from the company IO is represented by a snake with a limited radius of movement. In addition, multiple opponents can play simultaneously, and in-game maps are available for passing in a single-player quest mode. There are also unique visual skins in the game, giving special features to players who use them. gameplay Choose your team color and unique skin for in-game bonuses; Engage in free-to-play multiplayer or quest-based single-player combat; Absorb neutral "cellular" territories to reinforce your "capture point"; Examine the battlefield to identify weak or gaping opponents and attack them; Avoid encircling your Capture Point with enemy snakes, otherwise it will "die"; Wrap your snake around enemies' "capturing points" to deny them the opportunity to resist and absorb their cellular territories unhindered; Remain the only one on the map to win. Toy Features Does not load the "iron"; Both single player and cooperative modes are present; Unique skins with bonuses; Nice music. Cons Advertising inserts; Part of the skins are paid; Multiplayer consumes a lot of traffic.

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