Strip Fool 1.0

Strip Fool is a famous card game for Android, entertaining the user with a spicy plot, graphics and competition with pretty girls. Game features The game has three levels - simpleton, amateur and professional. The representative of the first level, Marfa, does not calculate the moves and does not remember the cards. On the second level, Natasha captures all the trump cards that have gone and seen. At third level, Emmanuelle remembers everything. By the end of the game session, she knows all of the user's cards. Game functionality. You can set the texture of the table and the background by pressing the appropriate buttons. The sound of the game application is also easily removed. Changing the level to a higher one occurs when the opponent completely loses all the games. Advantages opponents communicate with the user in the course of the game; the higher the level, the prettier the girl; there is an additional game mode; graphics are not intrusive (suits of cards can be seen well); There are the sounds of cards and the background tune.

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