Super Mario Run 3.0.15

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Super Mario Run 3.0.15Super Mario Run 3.0.15Super Mario Run 3.0.15Super Mario Run 3.0.15Super Mario Run 3.0.15Super Mario Run 3.0.15Super Mario Run 3.0.15Super Mario Run 3.0.15Super Mario Run 3.0.15

Super Mario Run is the Android equivalent of the Super Mario game for the "archaic" Dendy and Sega consoles. Mario the Plumber is still young and agile enough to find a princess in a dangerous kingdom. The game Super Mario Run for Android is a one handed control Game Features Remix 10 mode is a game of small segments. You can go through 10 brief levels, all levels are different. In one of the levels is hiding Princess Daisy, try to find her; in World Tour mode, you have to rescue Princess Peach by completing 24 levels. You have to run and jump, perform tricks among fields, caves and haunted castles. In this mode, you have to collect coins of three different colours, and you can compete with your friends in the number of points collected; in World Tour mode, the current version features a new world called Star, which is available after the first six worlds; in "Toad Rally" mode, perform nifty tricks, compete with other players, and then you'll get more points. The indicator will fill up and the coin chase will begin. If you win the rally, the toads will move to your kingdom and help you; you can create your own kingdom. To do so, you need to collect coins and toads. There are more than 100 items available to set up a kingdom. Toads, which come to you in Rally with Toads mode, help you build new structures and decorate them. Advantages A version of the Mario game specifically designed for Android. You can control the hero with one hand. Disadvantages the game in users may not start with the error "does not match the date and time on the device". On mobile devices must be set to "Use network time"; Internet access is required; The cost of the full version of the game is quite high.

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