1.2.2 1.2.2 logo 1.2.2 is a symbiosis of the classic tetrice "snake" and the board game "dots" for Android, where opponents need to capture territories, "absorbing" the enemy honeycomb. The key difference between this toy and the tabletop version is the ability to play multiple people simultaneously and the free movement of the "capturing" point - as in the snake. Gameplay Choose the color of your side; Explore the territories near you and begin expansion; Capture free "cells" to increase the range of your "capture point"; Look for weakened opponents and seize their cells to become even stronger; When "encountering" a stronger enemy, try to grapple the honeycomb from a safe distance; "Absorb" all enemy cells to win. Toy Features An original take on the classic student board game of "dots"; Does not load "iron"; Possibility of simultaneous play by several users; Increases the range of the "capturing point" with each "absorbed" cell. Minuses Lack of single-player; Lots of advertising; "Slows down" with weak internet.

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