Survival Island FREE 1.24

Survival Island FREE is an adventure simulator for Android, in which the player finds himself on a deserted island after a shipwreck and now he needs to survive at all costs. With the help of the map and the dagger, which are available at the beginning of the game, you need to extract resources and settle on the island. Survival Island FREE Features On the island of sand and rocks, the player has to extract wood, stone and food. You can craft tools from the materials: an axe and a pickaxe, which will speed up the process of cutting down trees and chipping away stone from rocks. The scale of hunger is constantly decreasing, so with weapons: spear and bow, you need to go out to hunt goats and wild boars. You need to build your house out of wood and make torches that will light the way at night. Some animals cause damage that can kill the player, but the progress of the game can be saved and the next time you start from that point. Advantages realistic nature; exciting life simulator; a lot of interesting items. Disadvantages Distracting advertising.

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