Taiga Antitheft 1.2.10

Taiga Antitheft is a symbiosis of a "background spy", a remote control utility and a GPS tracker for Android devices. Allows you to track all the actions performed with the device at a distance. Can transmit information about the location of the "main" device. Can delete any information stored in the memory of the device or connected to it portable media. Has a function of covert photography. Equipped with a system for detecting and signaling the loss of the device. Taiga Antitheft functionality Creates an initialization command with background startup attributes in the device's boot sector; Associates a copy of the application installed on the "main" device with the specified authorization credentials; Synchronizes the "primary device" with the "remote device" when the associated authorization credentials of the "primary" device are entered into the interface of the application copy installed on the "remote" device; Scans and logs actions performed with the device; enters "stolen device mode" when there is a suspicion of theft or loss (incorrect entry of the unlock Pattern/Code, prolonged stay in the turned-off state, system reset to "factory" settings, etc.) Notifies associated "remote access" devices of a missing/stolen main unit; Automatically captures images from the main and front cameras when the "stolen device mode" is triggered by each new action performed on the device; Sends requests from the "remote device" for location information, initiating file deletion, locking the phone, triggering alarms and other remote control commands; Initiates the function associated with a particular command, when a "remote request" is received; Sends collected information (GPS coordinates, intruder photos, action logs, etc.) to a specified email address and associated "remote control" devices when connected to an "operator" or internet connection is available. Utility features Automatic start and work in the background; Intelligent device theft/missing detection system; Ability to obtain photos from both the front and main camera; Full device locking and clearing of stored files function; Remote sound and light alarms; Automatic complete locking of the device when you change the sim card; Possibility to initiate any function available on the device remotely; Sending notifications about theft/missing and collected log information to e-mail and associated "remote control" devices; All remote commands can be transmitted as an SMS code. Minuses Created photos are not hidden from the file system (an attacker can understand that you know about it); Integrated advertising inserts; Disabling Internet and apps that process SMS makes it impossible to initiate remote commands; Part of the functionality is paid.

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