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Talking Ginger 2 is an interactive game for children from 4 years old, a sequel to Talking Ginger. The main character, the talking cat Ginger, is celebrating his birthday. The player's task is to help celebrate it merrily and pass a series of mini-games. Game Features Talking Ginger 2. Ginger can be fed, stroked, played with, blown into a puffer - the cat reacts ridiculously to all the player's actions. Depending on the mode you choose, the cat can dialogue with the child or repeat what he said in a funny voice. At the beginning the player is available to one mini-game (blowing out the candles on the cake on speed), but completing the rules of the game allows you to score points and gain access to 50 different puzzle pictures. Once a day the player can get a new free treat for the cat - every day the treats are different, to get them, you need to scroll the game wheel. Actions Ginger can be filmed on video and shared on social networks or put on Youtube. Game Advantages Improved gameplay compared to the previous version. The game is russified.

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