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Talking Ginger is a fun interactive game for Android with a cute kitten. The game is suitable for kids of preschool age. Talking with a kitten named Ginger is not only fun, but also useful, because together with the pet you can brush your teeth. Features Talking Ginger the kitten can be stroked and tickled, and he will giggle in response; if you talk to Ginger, he will mock you with a funny voice; You need to prepare the pet for bed: the kitten must go to the toilet, wash his face and brush his teeth; you can play fun games with Ginger, unroll toilet paper and do puzzles; you can collect all the pictures from the cat's dreams; young children can brush their teeth together with Ginger; You can record a video of interesting moments of play with Ginger and share it on Facebook or YouTube. Advantages Suitable for children of preschool age. Allows to accustom the child to regular hygienic procedures.

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