Talking Phone 2 1.0.42

Talking Phone 2 is an application that teaches any smartphone or tablet to communicate verbally. The user's arsenal includes voice notifications about the current time, battery status, missed calls and SMS, as well as other events. Speaking Phone 2 features Hearing your device and being always aware of its "internal" state is what Talking Phone 2 is all about. The program is easy to use and allows you to set up voice alerts in a couple of clicks: about the battery level; incoming calls and messages; date and time; calculator calculations; on/off flashlight. The device will remind, prompt and inform the owner about the events according to the set parameters with a pleasant and clear female or male voice at a specified hour. To do this, it is enough to activate the necessary components, select their style, determine the nuances of work and set the parameters. For example, in what range of time to notify about missed SMS and when to turn off the voice at night. Application Features The developers created a powerful tool and perfectly embodied the idea, supplementing it with a number of exclusive skills. Talking phone 2 is not only a personal secretary, but also an assistant. The program implements: cache clearing; indicator of RAM; free space counter on the drive. Such a helper is useful not only for ordinary users. Its purpose is to facilitate the use of smartphones for people with special needs. Advantages of flexible personalized settings; a wide choice of voice settings; simple and convenient interface; availability of system performance monitoring functions.

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