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Talking Pierre 3.4Talking Pierre 3.4Talking Pierre 3.4Talking Pierre 3.4Talking Pierre 3.4Talking Pierre 3.4Talking Pierre 3.4

Talking Pierre is an Android talking toy for the youngest users. They will have to get to know Pierre - a funny mischievous parrot, who is always not opposed to poking around. Gameplay of the game Talking Pierre The game does not belong to the genre of "tamagotchi", so there is no need to care about the needs of the pet. In front of us - quite an adult parrot, which has in stock a few funny tricks. The main "trick" of such games is the repetition of phrases spoken by the player for up to 30 seconds. Pierre has a funny squeaky voice - like a parrot should. And he can play the legendary song Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple on his electric guitar. For the pet to play the tune correctly, the player should click in time on the icon with the instrument. When Child Mode is turned off, Pierre can be clicked on the nose to make funny sounds. When you click on his belly, Tom the cat appears and hits the parrot with cymbals. If these taunts don't seem enough, you can throw the bird with rotten tomatoes, but he knows how to get dirty dishes or an apple stump from the sink and throw it back. Game Features Pierre performs some fun tricks; new moves and animations can be purchased for an additional fee; one-time purchase also permanently turns off in-app advertising; There is a function of recording videos and then uploading them to YouTube. Overall, there are not too many features in the game. At the same time, a beautiful bright parrot is quite capable of entertaining a kid for a while. Children over 5 years old are unlikely to play Talking Pierre for a long time.

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