Talking Tom 2

Talking Tom 2 is the sequel to the iconic Android game about the grey cat. After the fame came to him, the main character moved from a dirty back alley to a comfortable apartment. Gameplay Talking Tom 2 Do not confuse this game with a similar one - My Talking Tom! The latter is made in the "tamagotchi" genre and requires the player to raise an adult cat from a small kitten, taking care of him to meet basic needs. In the game "Talking Tom 2" in front of us - quite an adult cat, which, incidentally, also does not mind sometimes to play around. The main "chip" of the character - the repetition of uttered player phrases lasting up to 30 seconds funny squeaky voice. This will bring a smile not only from a child, but also from any adult. The function works correctly on smartphones and tablets, as well as on Android emulators that support the microphone. Tom often comes to visit his friend - Ben the dog, who likes to joke: chase the cat on the chandelier, hit him with a pillow or ruin the air with a nasty sound. However, the players can also make fun of Tom themselves: the cat responds to touch of the finger on the screen. He can hit or, conversely, stroke him to hear the grateful purr. Do not think that the hero will put up with beatings: he is quite capable of hitting back! Remarkably, you can turn off the bullying by activating "Child Mode". Game Features a large selection of outfits to customize your character: T-shirts, hats, glasses, and accessories; availability of coins for in-game purchases, which, among other things, can be purchased for donation; built-in mini-games with which you can earn coins; the ability to shoot a video and share it with friends. Note The game has ads, usually offering to download any other interesting game on Android. A single deposit of even the minimum amount disables it permanently.

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