Terraria 1.2.12785

Terraria is a game created by Re-Logic. the game is based on exploring the world, creating items, building and battling various monsters. Terraria gameplay To begin with, you will be asked to create your character and the world in which you will survive. You can customize your character's appearance (clothing style, clothing color, hair color, skin color, character gender), the world is randomly generated, you can only choose its size. As soon as you appear in the world, you will have copper tools (axe, pickaxe) and a copper dagger in your inventory. Most likely you will appear in a forest biome, but you can also get into a winter biome. Axe helps to chop wood, pickaxe helps to break blocks, dagger helps to kill your enemies, different items fall out of them, some of them are trash, others can be useful for making necessary items. On the surface, you can sometimes find ore, which is necessary for crafting better equipment. In addition to simple enemies in the game, there are bosses, they are much harder and the battle with them will be a challenge for many. Advantages of Terraria A huge amount of content; Beautiful graphics and interesting animations; The game has several classes: warrior, archer, mage, to which there is no strict binding, each class has several types of weapons, for example: warriors - daggers, swords, weapons on chains; Riflemen - firearms, bows, crossbows; Mages - spell books, staffs, summoned creatures.

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