Torrent-TV 4.0

Torrent-TV is a high-quality multimedia platform designed for watching live TV broadcasts on various Android devices. Torrent-TV specialization Torrent-TV player is based on ACE STREAM technology, which is used in different areas of multimedia space. The product, developed on the basis of BitTorrent protocol, is an effective tool for processing and transferring "heavy" web content. Thanks to the mentioned features the user gets a unique software that allows to watch high definition online channels. Application features Ace Streaming technology not only provides a flawless display of online broadcasts on the Internet, but also allows you to save your favorite audio and video content. Advantages of free access to interactive services; localization of BitTorrent streaming; ease of setup and navigation; IOTT decentralized social network. Using Torrent-TV player user of a mobile device can enjoy high-quality media content in real time. The list of available channels includes hundreds of news, educational, children's, sports, regional, analytical, music and other popular TV channels. Features The application has a wide range of useful features, including the function of adding your favorite channels to your favorites folder. To do this, you need to launch the desired program and then use the "My Channels" menu to add it to your personal playlist. For the correct use of Torrent-TV requires prior activation of ACE STREAM or Torrent Stream programs.

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