TV - Online 3.0

TV - Online is an interactive aggregator of virtual TV broadcasts of popular online TV channels all over the world for Android. A distinctive feature of this aggregator is the absolute absence of paid channels. Is able to form a program of TV programs, based on the preferences of a particular user. Can send notifications about the start of broadcasts of favorite virtual TV programs, marked as favorites. Equipped with an integrated sorter and filter to simplify the search for online TV channels. Functionality of TV Online Synchronizes with the server, downloads actual list of channels available for watching and the "fresh" program guide, displays them in the interface; Sorts the list of TV channels by genre and thematic categories/countries and/or filters it according to the filtering rules set by the user; Memorizes the most often watched channels and virtual TV shows by the user and generates a list of potentially interesting TV shows based on them; Displays a "fresh" program guide, redirects the user to a detailed description of the show by clicking on its title; Notifies the user about planned and implemented changes to the program; Remembering programs that are marked as favorites, in advance notifies the user about their broadcasting for a specified period of time. Aggregator features More than 250 virtual TV broadcasts of online TV channels from 18 countries right in your smartphone/tablet; Constant expansion of the list of available TV channels; Sorting by country/genre/thematic categories and filtering by specified attributes; Interactive program guide, which allows you to see a detailed description of the desired TV show in one click; Intelligent system for determining the TV programs of potential interest to a particular user; Automatic and flexibly adjustable alerts on the beginning of favorite shows and any changes in the TV programs; No paid online TV channels. Minuses Integrated advertising; Virtual broadcasts of foreign online TV channels are not translated and not accompanied by subtitles.

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