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The lightweight, fast UC Browser for Android received a score of 4.5 out of a possible five from its users. With the ability to automatically reconnect to download source sites, UC Browser allows you to download multiple files simultaneously in the background. UC Browser features The browser has one of the slickest user interfaces and is updated frequently. It has a powerful download manager built in so that the user can easily download videos or files without fear of the download being interrupted. A special Speed Mode, handy for browsing Facebook and VK in a speedy mode that loads lighter versions of social networking sites, is useful when the Internet is slow. Some other great features that UC Browser offers include night mode, quick screen browsing, video management, volume control, etc. Browser Features One of the features of UC Browser that distinguishes it is the presence of a powerful caching system: sites and pages visited by the user are saved in memory, but do not take up unnecessary space. This is the most optimized web browser for Android phone that has a text-only web page viewer (the best option when the connection speed is low). The built-in UC music player itself is a full-fledged music app, and UC news is constantly updated. Pros of Very fast built-in download manager (no need for a separate manager); Simple user interface: access to all the necessary pages on the main page of the browser; Shortcuts to all popular sites on the user's home page; Caching: stores the last page opened so that data is not lost every time you reload. Opens all web pages much faster, even with 2G Internet; Automatically loads the next page in case it is part of the text; Blocks most ads by default; Night mode that extends battery life and preserves vision; Separate viewing and downloading history for videos in My Videos; Many different wallpapers and themes; Easy access to incognito browsing on the page with tabs open; Doesn't use much RAM, and its usage also doesn't increase much with each new tab. Minuses Integration does not work with some applications (for example, links to YouTube will not open in the YouTube app) UC's competitor, Opera Mini, is faster; Shows a lot of notifications.

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