VK Coffee 8.03 Beta

VK Coffee is one of the best applications for the social network VKontakte, designed for devices running on the Android operating system. In fact, VK Coffee is a modification of the official VKontakte client, while the source code and design have undergone minimal changes. Also, users of our portal highly appreciated another unofficial VK client - Kate Mobile. Download it on your Android device. Update your conversations by shaking your device and encrypt all your outgoing messages thanks to the built-in plugin. Use the official YouTube app to play videos with playlists and view comments VK Coffee features Change identifier on iPhone, iPad, Windows PC (Modern), Windows Phone or BlackBerry; "phantom" and permanent online, hiding online presence; the ability to switch between multiple accounts; audio downloads using an efficient proprietary downloader; portrait video mode and the ability to redirect videos to external players; enhanced dialog capabilities (privacy and convenience settings); automatic updating; absence of advertising; bypass of link checking; other features. Advantages of The possibility of simultaneous operation of the application with the official version without source code conflicts; Adaptation of the application interface and the viewed images to high screen resolution; several photo browsing modes that allow you to sort the images from old to new; use of a fingerprint scanner or digital password to protect the application from unauthorized access; customizable folder to save downloaded files with the ability to use internal and external storage; extended support for external browsers and media players to open desired web pages and media files; display of detailed device information in the corresponding tab of the application; several types of fonts adapted for use on tablets; detailed page privacy customization that allows you to hide lists of friends, groups, audio recordings, and saved photos from unwanted viewers. Disadvantages of the application you may need to uninstall the official VKontakte app because of the problem with sending messages in some versions.

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