VK MP3 MOD build 97/680

VK MP3 MOD is a special utility that extends the basic functionality of the "client" of the social network Vkontakte for Android. It has all the functions of the "original" version of the client. Collects, analyzes and visualizes statistical data on users and Vkontakte users. Allows you to "see" hidden information (age, city of registration, etc.). Allows to use "paid" and "forbidden" functions (listening to music contrary to "regional content distribution policy", sending "not bought yet" stickers, "hidden" message reading, "invisible", etc.). Has several "versions" with different sets of pre-installed tools. VK MP3 MOD functionality Loads and analyzes statistical information (including hidden) about your page, friends, followers, communities and conversations. Visualizes the analysis in the interface; Hides "pinned"/hides "marked" dialogs and conferences; Notifies you in a specified way about important messages from "marked" users; Reads streaming information from other messengers on the device and interprets it as a post/repost/status; Remembers entered authorization credentials, creates a "user profile" and automatically substitutes the necessary data when logging in through the profile; Automatically changes the proxy server when trying to upload an audio file with the current "regional restriction"; Instantiates sending of identification requests when "always online" mode is on; Prevents identification requests from being sent when "perpetual offline" mode is enabled; Loads message "bodies" and visualizes them in the interface so that they can be read in "hidden" mode; Sends a special sticker code to the selected user and interprets it as a corresponding sticker; Creates an "independent" copy of the application on the device when the "clone" mode is activated in order to make it possible to sign in from several accounts in parallel. Utility Features Full support for all "original" features; Detailed statistics about the page, conversations, friends and subscriptions; Ease of mutual integration by other applications; Ability to use "paid" and "forbidden" functions; Perpetual online mode is implemented by the server part of the application - you can be "online" even when your device is turned off; Several pre-installed "sets" of tools, including - "experimental"; "Gentle" load on the device and the system; The ability to "go to Vk" from different accounts simultaneously. Minuses The "invisible" mode disables some of the basic functionality; Using the "clone" mode can lead to the blocking of accounts.

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