VPN Master 6.7.9

VPN Master for Android is a utility that creates VPN tunnels within local networks. Allows you to visit blocked resources and download "ambiguous programs, literature and other content" without fear. Enhances anonymity and privacy. Encrypts traffic and blocks detected unauthorized connections to gateways. Hides the real MAC and IP of the device. VPN Master functionality Scans a range of network ports, integrates encrypted data channels into them and exchanges traffic through them; Automatically uses a different port when the connection is down; "Runs" traffic and technical information through cryptographic algorithms; Resets external identification requests, to prevent de-anonymization of the device; Transmits fictitious user MAC and IP information to servers; Automatically chooses the optimal communication protocol. Advantages of the utility High level of anonymity; Supports 3G, LTE, 4G and WiFi protocols; Two-level traffic encryption; No need to manually "restart" VPN when the connection "drops". Cons Does not guarantee complete anonymity; Requires you to disable the firewall during operation; Does not warn about responsibility when downloading "ambiguous content"; Antivirus is not available to encrypted traffic - virus can penetrate through VPN-gateways.

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