War Groups 4.1.2

War Groups is a symbiosis of text adventure, real-time strategy and personnel management simulator for Android with elements of RPG-setting in the in-game STALKER universe. Players will feel as a thought leader of any of the factions represented in the official versions of the games franchise, and even - in the role of the leader of "unofficial" clans, beloved by fans of the series of literary works and custom modifications. To strengthen the influence of their group within the perimeter of the CHZO, players have to systematically perform tasks that lead to the ideological goals of the clan. In addition the clan leader will have to take care of providing his men with food, medicine, equipment, weapons, ammunition and scientific equipment. However, other factions will be happy to sign diplomatic deals with you if your ideology doesn't contradict their world view, so a skillful clan leader won't have any problems with providing for his clan. War Groups Gameplay Choose one of the in-game factions whose ideology you like or create your own (paid version); Choose a starting location where your faction can "unfold"; Get acquainted with the features of the terrain around the base; Talk to other faction leaders to find out your priorities; Hire units, equip them, and perform tasks that will help your faction's ideological goals; Try to complete secondary tasks whenever possible - they will help you gain tactical and economic advantage; Renew your squad's supply in a timely fashion; Build caches of supplies in case of an emergency; Capture strategic positions and build outposts; Evacuate your units to safety during an ejection; Achieve your ideological goal and become the leader of the most powerful faction in the CZO! Game Features Intelligent economic system; Autonomy of human and anomalous "life" inside the "Zone"; The presence of all the "stalker" attributes (ejections, anomalies, mutants, etc.); a decent level of sound accompaniment; The need to think "tactically" and "strategically"; Deep immersion in an atmosphere of alienation; Presented all the existing in the official versions of the game series STALKER factions, locations and items. Cons Advertising; The ability to get "free" money for advertising an unlimited number of times; Visual component (the game is presented as a "stalker's DA").

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