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War Thunder v1.65.1.71War Thunder v1.65.1.71War Thunder v1.65.1.71War Thunder v1.65.1.71War Thunder v1.65.1.71War Thunder v1.65.1.71War Thunder v1.65.1.71War Thunder v1.65.1.71War Thunder v1.65.1.71War Thunder v1.65.1.71

War Thunder for Android - client application of the cross-platform military simulator from the Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment. The game is only being tested on this platform, so there are some limitations: only air battles are available. Features of War Thunder The developers pay great attention to historical authenticity, so the game features models of real aircraft from 30-50 years of the last century. Aircraft are divided into classes and lines of six countries that took part in World War II. The total number of aircraft models more than 400. More models and the introduction of new rulers are on the horizon. More than 50 maps are available for combat, many of which recreate the battlefields of World War II. Playing cards for the aircraft are vast and reaches 15 thousand square kilometers. War Thunder does not have the usual health points. The damage depends on the type of weapon and ammunition, the point of impact, their number and other factors. It's quite realistic to shoot down an enemy plane with a well-aimed shot at the key point. When crashing, not only the equipment, but also the crew can suffer. Game Modes Sessional Battles. Between 5 and 16 aircraft take part in the battle. It is necessary to perform the assigned task: for example, to capture an enemy airfield or protect your own base. Even if the goal is not achieved, the battle ends if one of the teams has all the equipment destroyed. Missions. Can be single and cooperative. As the opponents are bots - military equipment, controlled by artificial intelligence. To pass the mission must meet the conditions set. Events. In this type of combat, players take part in a specific event that took place during World War II. The choice of equipment is limited to historical plausibility. Assault. A team of players, which can include aircraft of any nation, defends a base from an enemy air raid under the control of the AI. The player can use any technique he has sent to the battlefield. Depending on the difficulty of control, each game mode can be arcade, realistic, or simulation. Cooperative battles are available, in which aircraft interact with ground military equipment under the control of other players.

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