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WIBR+ 2.3.23WIBR+ 2.3.23WIBR+ 2.3.23WIBR+ 2.3.23WIBR+ 2.3.23WIBR+ 2.3.23

WIBR+ is an advanced utility for finding and fixing network vulnerabilities for Android devices. It is also used to hack into an unknown WiFi network by finding the right password. Features of WIBR+ Compared to other similar applications, this utility really works. The time to find the right password depends on its complexity. If WiFi network security is simple, such as "12345678", the app will guess it quickly, within 1 minute. The application is able to use user's dictionaries, generates random and masked passwords and supports dictionary organization and advanced control. There is support for a dictionary test or 'bruteforce'. A dictionary test entails taking a password from a list. If a WiFi network is not accessed during the scan, it means it is not in the dictionary. The developer has initially added 3 dictionaries and if these are not enough, you can import your own additionally, which allows you to extend the scope of the vulnerability test. The "bruteforce" test allows you to select a password length, an alphabet type and the app will start scanning all possible combinations. This method is very long, as the number of combinations will grow with the length of the password, so this method supports a mask. For example, we know that a password starts with "password" and has two digits. The mask password[x] is set. All you have to do is add the alphabet of digits for [x] and the utility will look up all passwords from "password00" to "password99". Once the password has been matched, your device will connect to the network and remember the values found. Due to the specifics of the application, it is detected by anti-viruses as malicious, but it is not. The software developer warns users that hacking into someone else's network is illegal. There are also limitations on the speed at which passwords can be guessed. These are due to shortcomings of the Android system. The app picks 8-15 keys in about one minute. The app's design is not a strong point; it is designed simply, in black and green, but is uncluttered. Frequent updates to the app show that the developer is quick to respond to emerging flaws and correct them in the shortest possible time. Benefits: Totally free app with no ads; User-friendly interface; Good tool to test network vulnerabilities; No root rights required; Variety of options. Weaknesses: Does not work correctly on Android Jealy Bean and KitKat versions.

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